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About Us

NO PRINTS.I only deal with CD.s , unless you purchase a photo story :)

Portraits -$50 an hour. {  If your session last over your hour, I will charge you an extra $50. It is $50 an hour, not per session.}
Photo Stories - $40 per hour and are packages. The end of your story , comes with a free 8x10 framed collage.
Events- $60 an hour / Full coverage { Includes 2 photographers to cover all angles} $70 an hour + $50 deposit.
Small weddings -$80 an hour / Full coverage $100 an hour + $50 deposit.
Travel - is a one-time charge and non refundable.
60 minutes $25
120 minutes $45
Sorry no refunds- only for event deposits and for prepaid sessions for 24 hour cancellations.

{ With Photo stories ,I become your family go to photographe,r and I provide you with discount lifetime photography after your story is fully captured. }