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About Us

Lawrence Monet - Owner/Photographer
Many clients consider Larry an artist who happens to be a photographer. His "brush" is his camera......his palette the range of human emotions and experiences captured over twenty five years of exquisite photography. Larry's portfolio showcases a skillful touch with his subjects, enticing such dignitaries as Margaret Thatcher and Jack Kemp into their most natural demeanor. Major companies have also benefited from Larry's expertise, including AT&T, Dept. of Justice and British Airways, to name but a few. As a result, his portraits hang in some of the most prestigious boardrooms in America, and abroad. Equally adept at commercial photography, Larry's photos grace the pages of well-known magazines, annual reports and print ads. As cordial as he is talented, Larry is able to draw out just the right angles and attitudes from his subjects on every shoot, leading to one satisfied client after another.

Yane Di Nicola - Office Manager, Photographer
We like to say that Yane is fluent in Spanish, English and photography. She has an artist's eye for details, using her photojournalism skills to enhance the photo albums of the many conventions, weddings, events and dances she's captured. When not hard at work on a shoot, Yane manages our internal operations, consults with clients on pricing, and consistently offers a level of client service worthy of Nordstroms.

Ahelya Di Nicola - Photographer
Ahelya is one of those gifted people who can be conversing on the phone in Spanish one minute, take another call in English the next, and then speak Italian with a walk-in customer. She is just as versatile with a camera. Having photographed the likes of Walter Cronkite, Senator Bob Dole and Roy Rogers & Dale Evans during her 23 years--and counting--as a professional photographer, Ahelya is equally at home on location or in a formal setting. Ahelya's portfolio is distinguished by a magical use of light--resulting in thousands of indelible images enhanced by her trademark magazine-style photography. A client once remarked that Ahelya has the sensibility of a poet, able to see deep into the soul of others. Her photos are living proof of that.

Wayne Peterson - Photographer
Wayne's familiarity with Southern California landscapes and ever-changing light patterns has yielded many a magical photo on location shoots. Utilizing a photojournalism style of black & white photography to heighten the realism, Wayne is a master at capturing candid moments that are forever etched as poignant memories. Wayne also excels at infrared photography, a specialty that frames his subjects in compelling, surreal images.