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About Us

My vision as a photographer began at the age of six when I saw a picture of my brother's wife dressing for her wedding. Of all the pictures taken that day, the intimacy of that one moment left a lasting impression on the heart of a young girl. That image is echoed in the images I make. Today I photograph on the edge, striving for honesty and freshness achieved by combining art and journalism. To me there is a mystery, a magic when the groom, who never cries, breaks into tears at the sight of his bride walking up the aisle. These images spring from the natural wellspring of human interconnectedness and reflect the unique story we each have to tell rather than the scripted images that media culture projects. I want you to be there with me seeing those special moments.

My strength and talent are in documenting the fleeting ephemeral moments. I strive to capture the images that hold within them the essence of who we are whether carefully posed or in the flow of the moment. When I work with you I bring all my senses, listening not only with my ears and seeing not only with my eyes, but seeing and feeling from my heart. It is a privilege for me to share the most meaningful events in your life.

Please call me to discuss your ideas and make an appointment to talk in person about your event. I look forward to working with you to create the kind of powerful images that become an intimate part of your family history. The ones that can inspire another six year old to dream!