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Photopaddles work like super low-tech Photoshop. The small screen-printed acrylic paddles allow the user to accessorize a friend or unsuspecting victim. Just place the paddles between your camera phone and subject, line it up and shoot! Photopaddles allow you to “like” things in real life, place thoughts in other peoples’ heads, say “No!” to anything, picture yourself with a sweet stache, or just make your friends look silly. Images can be emailed from any smart phone to the growing archive at

Photopaddles can also be customized with desired paddle images as well as printed handles with names, dates etc. They're the perfect party favor to be used during a wedding reception and after!

Photopaddles are low-tech camera accessories that allow users to accessorize their friends and innocent by-standards with mustaches, glasses, hats and much more. Custom paddles are available with bride and grooms name along the handle. Entertaining for all guests! Designed by Chicago based designer Steven Haulenbeek.