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About Us

Let me be your storyteller!

Over 14 years, photography has been my joy, my life, my love. It lets me share in your joy, your love for each other, and the emotions that you have put into designing the day of your dreams.

Let me tell your story, from the beginning to the end, as your wedding day unfolds. I don't want to miss any of it. This is why there is no limit on the amount of time I will spend documenting that day.

Using pictorial photojournalism, documentary photos composed with an innovative style, I strive to take my photos outside the box. I work hard to create images you might not expect.

For over seven years I have documented people's lives as an award-winning photojournalist. I have had work published by the Orlando Sentinel, USA Today, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Associated Press, Daytona Beach News-Journal, and more. I am currently a member of the National Press Photographers Association, and the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

Capturing moments with my camera has helped me discover more than I ever would have dreamed; driving me across the country; leading me to the love of my life; taking me to discover new places; leading me to new passions; taking me on adventures that I never could of imagined; allowing me to take risks and succeed; making me who I am today and helping to guide me to who I might be tomorrow.

Some of my love for photographing weddings has come from the excitement of planning my own. It has brought a deep understanding to what brides and grooms must go through in researching, organizing and preparing for their big day. I hope to make others' as special.

Pilster Photography has packages that range from $2300 to over $6500. Coverage starts at $1800 for unlimited wedding day storytelling with al la carte options.

Let us share your story with your friends, your family and the world. Contact me to start planning how we'll capture this chapter in your life or tell you more about the adventures photography has taken me on. You can also see our editorial and advertising work at Pilster Photography, read our blog pilsterphotography.blogspot.com, visit our awards or read the reviews.