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About Us

PIROUETTE is a special event design firm that specializes in the creation of custom designed wedding celebrations that will leave you breathless. We believe wholeheartedly that each bride is deserving of the most exquisitely sublime wedding celebration, one reminiscent of a spectacular performance.

PIROUETTE recognizes that as event designers we must remain true to the “art” of creating distinctively choreographed events. We are gifted artisans who are dedicated to styling imaginative events that are unrivaled.

Grace, beauty, perfection and creative are all words used to describe the art of ballet. Likewise, these same qualities characterize PIROUETTE event designs.

Ballet is a style of dance performed for audiences that depicts a story, expresses a mood, or emulates the emotion found within a musical composition. The same is true of your wedding celebration, an event that should illustrate the uniqueness of your relationship, express the love that you share for one another and leave your guests inspired by the splendor of your wedding day.

A ballerina is an artist that prides herself on her ability to artfully maneuver her body and create beautifully choreographed dances; her audience shares her feelings and is exhilarated by her performance. They feel as though they too are gliding across stage performing magnificent pirouettes. Ballerinas utilize their bodies to express emotion, such as adoration, joy and love. Likewise PIROUETTE choreographs beautiful, harmonious design concepts composed of distinct style elements and unique details to create exceptional wedding events that epitomizes a couple’s depth of adoration. PIROUETTE artfully arranges each element of your wedding celebration, thusly creating a perfectly choreographed romantic ballet.

We invite you to allow your imagination to dance with PIROUETTE.