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About Us

Well where do we start off!
First we want to say thank you for find us and would love for you to take a look around at our
page to see what we have done for our past clients as well as get some ideas to help see if
we are the perfect fit to make your vision come alive on your wedding day.

Selecting the right entertainment for your special day is nothing to take as a simple thing to
do or a easy step. Remember entertainment is an investment that you want to be perfect
to make your celebration a success. We at PVU Event Group want one to keep one thing in
our mind and that is you, we never want you to walk out of the spotlight, as well as creating a
stress free entertainment experience for you and your guests will never forget!

Our idea to planning a wedding is total personalization while using a modern posh approach
to wedding entertainment. What does that mean you my be asking your self. Well to us that
means leaving the cheesy out dated DJ techniques far away from your wedding and bringing
in fresh new ideas to help you take your wedding day to the next level!

So still wondering why this is so important to us? Your wedding day is about you and we want
that to reflect your style and vision. You will receive the personal attention needed to make your
once in a life time dream come true, while having full support from our team of professionals to
help you on your way.

Our staff consists of very talented beat mix and club style playing event hosts.
They're all professionally trained with the knowledge to coordinate your event to a T while using
a total modern approach. We will make sure your event is to perfection, with material that
will keep your day moving with out the normal cheese! We don't offer a basic package for weddings,
we offer total personalization for each of our weddings. So there is no average wedding and there is
no standard package made. All we do at PVU Event Group is made you and your groom shinning in
the spotlight for years to come from beginning to end!



Amazing services come and check them out! See what they can do for your wedding!

May 08, 2012