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About Us

How it all began

Officially Planned to a T Events became a reality in 2009 when I began work on a Certificate in Meeting and Event Planning at CSUSM. That was when I realized that I could take what I’d been doing for myself, my family, friends, and any organization that I was involved with and make a career of it! I finally knew what I wanted to be “when I grew up”.


Lifetime of practice

In reality…Planned to a T Events started with a little girl who loved planning for holidays, parties, etc. I came from a VERY small family (just Mom, Dad, and Me). No cousins, aunts or uncles. My mom would include friends and neighbors in our holidays and special days to make them events. I loved all the preparation. Planning décor, the menu, invitations, gifts…that’s what got my creative juices going. I wanted to be Martha Stewart before she did. I wanted to be sure that our guests always knew that they were a special part of our family. We were also very involved with the Swedish American community in Southern California. Meetings, dinners, conventions, holiday parties were always a part of my life Fast forward to college and sorority/fraternity parties, a few years at an Advertising Agency and a BA in Marketing. I never lost my passion for entertaining as I honed my skills creating a home for my husband and 4 sons. Everything became an event! Even inviting the basketball team over to watch the big game became an opportunity to plan decorations, tablescapes, and a menu (not sure the guys really noticed).


I can get the job done

I became known as the person who got it done. Get the baseball team to Oklahoma City on 3 days notice??!! Not a problem. Flights, hotel, vans, meals, itinerary, and budget? Not a problem! Golf tournaments, 5K’s, fundraisers, dinner auctions all became a part of my life. Can you bring a few friends along? Of course! There is always room for a few more at the table. It was all preparation for what I wanted to do “when I grew up”. What is your dream?

Terri Holzhauer,
Owner and Creator of Dreams


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