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About Us

Digital Video & Photography
At Platinum Media we shoot more pictures, take more video and charge you less than many of our competitors. We use state of the art, professional 3 ccd video cameras, along with 6+ mega pixel digital SLR Nikon photographic cameras. We integrate your photos into your video to create more interesting transitions and credits. We believe that hiring the Videographer and Photographer from the same place gets you more angles, better coverage and less confusion, that can often turn into problems in a working environment. Shooting digital saves you money, gets you more pictures, gives you more options, and everything is archived forever on DVD or CD. High resolution digital is fast becoming the industry standard for all professional photographers.

Our Approach
We approach every event with one thing in mind, every event is unique. The one thing our clients have in common is that they want fantastic coverage of their event. Both unique and beautiful photography and excellent audio and video coverage of their special day. We do this by listening to each couples priorities, ideas, desires and styles. Lighting, audio, angles, background, perspective, are things we need to be aware of prior to walking into an event. We don't simply show up and hope for the best, we pre-plan everything and make our clients aware of any concerns or ideas that we have to better any situation. Our clients get complete coverage with the knowledge and security of knowing we will always go that extra mile for them.

Our company started in the summer of 2002 but we have been involved in photo and video since the mid 90's. As a freelance videographer and photographer I saw a definite need to merge the two mediums. Too often I found myself looking at a photo opportunity while having only a video camera in hand, and many times found both photographers and videographers stepping into each others shots, getting in each others way, while losing their one chance to get that great shot. The other thing I found while working as a freelance shooter was a need to go digital, to get the best equipment available both for photo and for video. Since our inception in 2002 we have purchased only broadcast DVCAM Sony digital cameras 1lux or better, and Nikon Digital SLR cameras, along with various Nikon ED lenses f2.8 or better. What this means to you is in low light we will get the shot when others don't, and your final product is going to be of higher resolution and look more vivid and natural than those shooting with lower quality equipment.

What our clients say...

  • I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you did for us. The end results were amazing, everyone loved the photomontage at the reception and our final video was just awesome. We loved the way you captured everything from the smallest rose to the outside of the church. Having the photos and video together worked out perfect. We actually spent less than our original budget and got much more than we could have ever expected. Lisa and Jason Flexhaug - Seattle, WA
  • Oh my gosh, wow, wow, we love the video so much, it was just awesome, everybody loved it, can you make us a DVD of just the dancing too, uncut, you guys shot so much great footage, it is all just awesome. Irina & Grigori Somin - Seattle, WA
  • Talk about last minute, so sorry about calling you the week of the wedding. I can't believe how great everything turned out. We are so greatful to have found you. We not only received amazing photographs, but you shot the most amazing video, I watched the toasts probably 5 times and cried everytime. Your prices are what I would have spent on only the photographs alone anywhere else. We can't thank you enough. Vicki & Peter Ormeate - Bellevue WA

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