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About Us

On your special day everyone wants to look PERFECT. We can help make that happen. From gorgeous semi-permanent eyelash extensions, to laser resurfacing of your skin, your perfect face is just one call away.

At Platinum Rejuvenation was are determined to make you look and feel your best, while making it affordable.

LASER hair removal for all body parts-underarms, face, nipples and more-it will be our secret.

FACIALS-chemical peels, enzymes, microderm-to help your skin get that radiant glow. For the bride daring enough to show off her shoulders and back we have a special BACK facial that will leave your skin beautiful and blemish free.

EYELASH extensions that last about 2 months that will open up your eyes and give you the most gorgeous pictures. Honeymoon-no problem. Go swimming at the beach without mascara giving you raccoon eyes, go travel through Europe and look like a model. Wherever you go people will take notice of your eyes.

BOTOX-remove worry lines that your mother'in'law to be may be causing.

JUVEDERM-Fill in your smile lines or get the full lips you have always wanted.

PHOTOFACIALS-remove sun spots from your face, neck, chest.

Bridal Packages-for 4 or more:

  • Botox -10% off ( bring your mom-grandma- mother'in'law to be, friends)
  • Juvederm -10% off
  • Facials-10 % off
  • Eyelash extensions-10 % off

The more people you bring the more EVERYONE saves. So bring your mom, sister, grandma, mother-in-law to be, and friends. Don't forget the groom-we have Laser hair removal that will make him look fantastic.