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About Us

Imagine women passionately concerned about details. Now add keen sense of style, a quick wit, and a sassy disposition and you have Platinum Weddings and Events. We bring fervent creativity, limitless energy and crisp intelligence to the design and execution of stylish events.

At Platinum Weddings and Events we provide design and consulting services to clients in all stages of planning and take pride in crafting distinctive, one-of-a-kind events. We work with clients to produce celebrations which reflect their unique sense of style, and that have people talking for years to come.

Platinum Weddings and Events works with artists and professionals that are dedicated to making your event truly unique.

We believe that the details that make a spectacular event just that. Our personal approach eliminates cookie cutter affairs, and brings to life the awe striking nuances seen in glossy magazines articles - without the daunting budget. After all, it's these elements that form lasting impressions for both you and your guests.

We consider ourselves guides, not pilots - and as such you can be sure that you'll be making all the final decisions. But we do promise to present you with a range of dramatic and stunning ideas.

We offer a free, one hour, No Obligation Consultation to all of our prospective clients. Please contact us today to learn how Platinum Weddings can help make your wedding a success!

Erika D. Babineau and Nannette Vie-Carpenter