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About Us

Plusbob Media is the professional storytelling of Bob Miller. Bob photographs with a variety of 35mm and medium format film cameras, all negatives from which are professionally scanned and edited using the latest in digital equipment and technology. Bob specializes in multimedia production and also offers 8mm video.

Specializing in editorial-style fine art wedding photography, Bob provides direction when needed but on the whole seeks moments that are intimate and natural. His unobtrusive photojournalistic approach creates space for a relaxed and comfortable wedding day, from preparation to family portraits. Rather than forcing a style onto his subjects, Bob focuses on seeing. He believes there are moments when the elements of form and shape align within the viewfinder to create a picture of a subject's true emotions. To Bob, each couple is unique in the moments they create, and in those moments he finds the truest depictions of their character.

For complete galleries and pricing information, please visit his website.