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About Us

Pole Dance: Signature Pole Party The classic pole party that includes an introduction to sensual dance, pole spins and transitions. We combine everything together then add a lesson in striptease on the pole or teach you and your guests our signature lap dance workshop techniques. You will leave with in inventory of floorwalk moves, spins and a routine to play with.

Pole Dance: This is our abbreviated pole party option for the girls on the go! 75-minutes long that will include a lesson in pole spins, floor movement and transitions. We take everything put it together and the end of the session you will have sassy routine to take with you.

Pole Dance: La Petite Pole 60 minThis special offering is for groups of 5 or less. Similar to the girls on the go package but tailored for the smaller party.

Burlesque: The Classic Showgirl  90 min Our burlesque option for ladies that want it all! You will be taught a choreographed routine complete with costume removals. Shimmies, Shakes, Struts and more! Learn how to "command" your audience with timeless stage techniques developed by the showgirls of the golden age.

Burlesque: TEASE PLEASE! 75 min  Learn timeless techniques in the classical art of TEASE. You will be taught stocking and glove peels with a focus on remove and reveal, expressions and gazes. This party is all about vintage striptease and pulling out that inner vixen.

Burlesque: Pasties & Tassels 60 min Yep! Pasties and Tassels...Oh My!  You will learn all methods of how to get controlled twirls, including the bounce, shoulder and ribcage techniques, single and double twirls, synced and alternating twirls. Everyone can tassel twirl!  It is guaranteed that by the end everyone will be twirling!