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About Us

The magic food of cake harkens back to our childhood; part fantasy, part comfort, part taste. Cake is often the centerpiece at any celebration. Polly's Cakes will enchant you with our original designs and luscious flavors. For a wedding or any other special occasion, at Polly's Cakes you can...Have Your Art & Eat It Too...

In 1993 Polly started her wedding cake business because she saw that the ruffled white wedding cake needed a makeover. Most of these cakes begin with a hand drawn sketch done by Polly herself during the initial consultation.

These are some of our distinct styles:

Streamlined Classics ~ Tailored, elegant, and never fussy. As late jazz artist Jelly Roll Morton said “just as important are the notes you don’t play”. Here you can enjoy the dignity of simplicity. The Streamlined Classics are often inspired from a detail of a dress, ring or even an invitation.

The Painted Series ~ Reminiscent of Italian painted pottery. As much contemporary folk art as dessert. Perfect for a country wedding or garden theme event. These buttercream painted cakes are inspired by ceramics, textiles and Polly’s love of color and the botanical world.

The Whimsy® Cake ~ Polly is the originator of the Whimsy® cakes and they are the award winning signature style at Polly’s Cakes. Turning heads and giving weddings, birthdays, and other occasions a splash of color and delightful surprise all over the world. Whimsy Cakes all have a playful flair with a Mad Hatter air where Dr. Seuss meets Alice in Wonderland. These slim waisted, topsy-turvy wonders made their debut in 1995 at Carl Greve Jewelers in Portland, Oregon. It was not long before the first Whimsy® appeared in Conde Nast’s Bride’s Magazine and many other publications.

A few playful ‘cousins’ have joined the Whimsy family – namely the Whimsy Slice cake, the Bundle cake and the slightly plump and jolly Bubble cake. We welcome curves and angles! Whimsy® Cakes can be fully customized to meet your needs, whether you are looking for a cake that is subtly-askew or totally wild.