About Us

Pop Culture Desserts - Tailor-made dessert defined by popular culture, transforming traditional favorite desserts, flavors, and styles into what's hip and nouveau. Desserts that stimulate creativity and arouse the senses with sweet imagination!

Envision any flavor, filling, and style combination of Pops, Dessert Bites, Cakes, or a Dessert Table design idea and Pop Culture Desserts will work with you to create the dessert combination of your sweetest imagination!
Let's "Pop" together; and make something sweet happen!

French Macarons ~ Dessert Bites ~ Dessert Tables ~ Cakes ~ Sweet Treats

"Sweet Dreams" Making "sweet dreams" come true is what we do at Pop Culture Desserts - Any flavor, color, & style combination you can think of for a dessert bite, we will gladly make it your dream come true!