1406 10th Avenue, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98122
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About Us

With a full-time staff of Event Producers, Creative Directors, Lighting Designers, Sound Designer and more, you have an entire production team dedicated to bringing your ideal experience to life. Drawing from well over 30 combined years in events, music, theater and film production, our experienced crew knows how to take even the smallest ideas and make them huge successes.

Pravda Creative is one of Seattle’s premiere event design firms offering full event services and an unparalleled location that will reflect your unique and creative vision. Our in-house creative and production teams provide everything under one roof – from professional event planning and design services to a talented team of catering and production specialists who execute every event flawlessly.

You want your special occasion to make memories, to tell a story, to provide an escape, and -- whether big or small, lavish or minimal -- Pravda Creative will deliver. We are explorers, storytellers, daydreamers, and discoverers. And with the blank slate of the Pravda event space, the possibilities are limitless. The destinations, boundless. Where can we take you?

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What a beautiful venue!

Nov 22, 2011