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About Us


The moments love shines through? The sweet rituals of everyday. The little moments—tried and true—that become second nature. And, like your love, become a part of you.

Once you slip a Precision Set ring on your finger, you’ll know. It just feels…right. Like your promise of forever, it rings true. The pure beauty. The elegant design. The comfort. The sheer weight and presence of the ring on your hand.

Each Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works piece is lovingly constructed using responsibly-sourced diamonds, hand set by lifelong craftsmen in Dallas, TX, and sold only through the country’s top independent jewelers. What does this mean for you? A lifetime of support from both retailer and manufacturer.

How do you know a Precision Set ring is right for you? Try it on at our preferred retailer. You know it in your heart. You’ll feel it on your hand. For love. For life.


I.Gorman Jewelers was founded in 1981 with a vision of offering impeccably crafted, creative jewelry in a warm and inviting, no-pressure atmosphere. That vision is now the mission that guides us every day.

We have become an award-winning retail destination known for featuring some of the most renowned international jewelry and bridal designers in the world. Our world travels enable us to discover unique and talented artists, and introduce their work to the Washington, DC area. 

I.Gorman could not exist without our knowledgeable and friendly staff. As our extended family, they will treat you as if they, too, were the owners. Our passion for what we do is evident in the unique experience that you will have as soon as you enter our shop. We do our best to ensure that feeling continues throughout your entire visit and lingers with each piece of jewelry you select.