1921 Monroe Street
Madison, WI
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About Us

Premiere Couture, since it's simple beginnings in 1994, has been setting the trend for Wisconsin bridal salons. Their location in Cambridge, Wisconsin, is their favorite in every way, even considering the eight wonderful years just spent on fabulous Monroe Street in Madison.  Rosemary and Laura, Premiere Couture's owners as well as life-long friends, know you'll appreciate the relaxed atmosphere they've created in the historic and charming downtown of the village.  You'll also appreciate the truly special collection of bridal gowns they have put together as it rivals any in the state.  You won't see the same designs you've seen everywhere else when you visit Premiere Couture.  Rosemary and Laura have committed to keeping their bridal collection fresh, filled with designs that are classic, timeless, romantic, modern or vintage-inspired.  Every wedding dress at Premiere Couture is carefully chosen and must meet their high standards of quality craftsmanship, be made in the most exquisite fabrics and offer the best and most flattering fit possible.

Besides finding the bridal gown collection refreshing, Rosemary and Laura hope that you actually enjoy shopping for your gown.  This is supposed to be FUN after all!  Marriage is important and serious no doubt, but shopping for your bridal gown should be filled with mirth and joy, not stress and frustration.  That's their aim here:  to help you discover the gown that makes you feel special and beautiful and ensure that you have fun while doing it!