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About Us

With your wedding drawing nearer each day, the details of planning can be so overwhelming. You might be feeling like you’ve been walking the ‘Cliffs of Insanity’!

Before you know it, your wedding day will be all over, and unless you planned for a professional videographer, all you’ll have left is the top of your wedding cake in the freezer, your dress at the dry cleaner, a few special photos on the wall, and a surreal memory of the day.

What if you could relive that wonderful event over again? What if it doesn’t have to remain an ever-fading memory? A professional video done right can bring back your wedding day in all it’s wonder and uniqueness every time you watch it. No longer just a memory, your wedding day can literally be relived for a lifetime!

At Princess Bride Cinematic Videography, we offer so many different options for capturing your special day on video that every bride and groom will find something to fit their needs and desires. Our goal is customization and complete satisfaction.

Are you a more conservative Princess Bride, looking for an elegant finished video incorporating classy black and white as well as color footage, simple and smooth special effects, and a slower paced editing style? Or are you perhaps a more modern Princess Bride who wants moving titles and unique graphics, artistic shooting styles, all set to a faster pace? Whatever your style and desires, Princess Bride can make it happen! Our average booking ranges from $1690-$2490

"Thank you so much for doing such a great job at my wedding. People are still talking about the wonderful photo montage video!" Stephanie and Travis

"We LOVE the videos!! Thank you so much for all your patience with us. The end product is incredible! Of course Pat and I still cry when we watch the ceremony but laugh out loud at the reception! (The interviews were our favorite!) Thanks again-we hope this year finds you happy, healthy and busy with business!" Jen and Pat