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About Us

Pro Duck Productions videos capture a complete document of the day, and focus on much more than the obligatory events. They are produced by shooting lots of video and then skillfully editing it down to an entertaining, personal documentary filled with human and physical detail that will utterly fascinate your children and grandchildren. And as the absolute proof that you were once young, it may even help them relate to you in new ways.

Your brain will retain more memories, unconsciously, than I or anyone else could possibly record with cameras. I consider it my job to unlock that memory by editing together an overwhelming number of expected and unexpected details that will break down the mental barriers and, decades from now, put you back in the moment.

If that sounds a little cerebral, well, it's because I've thought about it a lot. To me, what makes a video worth paying for is its future ability to help you remember, and even feel, what kind of person you are today. Although previous couples have sent me lots of delighted feedback, I'm not sure it's possible to fully appreciate the value of one of my videos until twenty years down the road. They're the closest thing to time travel you'll ever experience.

And we capture everything so unobtrusively that couples sometimes tell us we went completely unnoticed by their guests.

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Steve Felix
Pro Duck Productions