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PROOF - Jazz for Events

Real Jazz Artistry
Your guests may recognize us from our performances at dozens of the world's greatest jazz venues—places like Yoshi’s, the Blue Note, Jazz Alley and the Monterey Jazz Festival. We live and breathe the music. If you listen to jazz radio, you've heard us.
But even guests who know little about music quickly recognize the quality of what we do. People feel it palpably in the atmosphere we create. You and your guests will too.

Who do you trust when it matters most?
Let’s face it, great musicians aren’t known for their social skills.
Reliability. Passion. Tact. Attention to detail.
You're looking for consummate musicianship... but also people you will enjoy working with, whom you trust to make the right decisions when you're off attending to something else.
A graduate of Harvard and Stanford, founder Anton Schwartz’s exacting standards extend beyond his musicianship, to the many nuances of your event.
A Unique Combination
Unlike other wedding & event bands, our musicians are active members of the international jazz scene… recording and touring… sought after for their musical ability and their proven reputation.
Unlike other artistically renowned jazz musicians, we treat weddings and private events as seriously as we do concert hall performances, bringing the same upbeat energy and focussed attention to the very different set of challenges. Our many years of experience pay off in spades. Just ask the brides & grooms we perform for... not to mention the dozens of fourtune 500 companies who choose to hire us for their most important events.
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