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Marriage can be wonderful, unfortunately though it can also be stressful. When a couples decides to get married, they very soon find themselves faced with so many stresses that can take a toll on their relationship. This ranges wedding plans to differences in spending money and beliefs. Unfortunately, numbers do not lie. Ninety percent of Americans get married and fifty percent end in divorce. The research shows that successful marriages are founded on both partners having good skills to handle inevitable conflicts; to express appreciation and admiration towards each other; to accept the influence of the other person; and to be able to nurture the love and romance in the relationship. 


Like many things in life, the best way to ensure you succeed is preparation. Preparation would entail that prior to getting married, that you and your partner explore all the issues and get all the skills and training you need together. It would be unrealistic to believe that one could avoid conflict in their marriage. In premarital counseling, couples learn to deal with conflict by learning communication skills, developing and expressing empathy for one another by exploring each other’s family or origin, similarities and differences.


At PsychCare, we offer a premarital counseling program that helps couples (1) evaluate their relationship, (2) detect warning signs, and (3) avoid disastrous pitfalls prior to committing to a marriage. More specifically, our premarital counseling program helps couples learn healthy conflict resolutions skills, cooperative decision-making, and "gracious" compromising. The premarital counseling program is generally given over a period of ten-sixty minute sessions. If you would like to discuss pre-marital counseling or set up an appointment please call our office at 410-343-9756