About Us

I absolutely love being a wedding photographer.

Every day I get to talk with excited and genuinely in-love clients about their plans for one of the best days of their lives.  I have the honor of often being part of this planning process, of being trusted with capturing their images, and being able to share the entire day with them.  From the moment we first meet, I get to hear the story of my clients and watch as they show me the dynamics of their relationship through their words and actions.

My approach to photographing weddings is based on you, my client.  I want each wedding I photograph to represent the personalities and uniqueness of each of my clients.  I want your friends and family to see the images and know that they captured who both of you are– that the images captured those certain looks or moments that define your relationships with those around you.

Because of this approach, I limit my wedding commissions to no more than 20 per year.  This allows me to give a more personalized, boutique service where I truly can have the time to talk with my clients on a regular basis and get to know each of them as individuals.  I look for clients who will share my vision and style and want to create images that are truly art from their wedding day.




What beautiful photography and what a fantastic website!

May 22, 2012