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About Us

With a rich family history in the floral business spanning over 60 years, Dan Marcey, owner & operator of Queen & I, has spent the past two decades learning all aspects of the business but focusing primarily on perfecting the freeze-dry floral preservation process. Most recently he has expanded beyond the conventional freeze-dry offerings and has learned and mastered the art of creating flower petal jewelry from preserved flowers. Queen & I are proud to be the only company in the Metro area to offer this unique service.

At Queen & i, we are committed to being the premiere floral preservation company in the community. As a ninth generation Washingtonian, I am extremely proud and honored to carry on the family name in the floral business by providing these services in my hometown.

By preserving flowers from a variety of special occasions, we become responsible caretakers of our clients' most cherished memories. Because the craft is about the precision of technique and presentation, Queen & i prefers to work with a select number of clients at a time, ensuring that we have the ability to capture the exquisite detail of each piece with the best possible results. Our work is about quality, not quantity.

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Flower Preservation

At Queen & i, we understand the value of preserving memories. In order to maintain the integrity of delicate blossoms, we have mastered the art of freeze-drying each bloom and petal. Freeze-drying is the premier way to preserve the original shape and color of each flower, and produces superior results when compared to other methods like air drying, pressing or silica gel. We use only the latest freeze-drying technology, ensuring that your blooms will be preserved just as they come to us.

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Flower-Petal Jewelry

Flowers are a part of life's celebrations and are given for a variety of reasons, usually to commemorate special moments. If you would like to turn your memories into a wearable story, consider creating signature pieces with Queen & i. We turn real petals from your blooms into one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for yourself or your loved ones.

Queen & i can transform your flowers into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, Pandora- and Troll-type charms or rosaries.

Each piece is made by hand in our shop from your flowers and the highest quality sterling silver findings. We apply our floral preservation techniques with an eye for design to create pieces that capture the essence and style of the wearer.

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