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About Us

Wedding Coordination: When I coordinate a wedding, my goal is to make it quintessentially you. I begin the process by getting to know you and asking lots of questions. I want to understand your style, vision, likes, dislikes and personality. Weddings are experiences that affect each of our senses. From the décor and visual impressions to the taste of the hors d’ oeuvres, each element and detail leaves a lasting impression. Quintessential coordinates events from your guest’s point of view. I think about what your guests will experience from the moment they arrive until they walk out the door.

 Quintessential will leave a spectacular and unforgettable impression with you and your guests. Contact Quintessential today to discuss day of wedding coordinating options and prices.

Event & Floral Design: The definition of quintessential is the perfect embodiment of something.  Quintessential works closely with clients to create inspired designs that are the ideal reflection of your vision. Each event and client is unique but the mission is the same: to bring the personality, style and spirit of your vision to life with innovative and affordable designs that are quintessentially you.Creating floral pieces for your event is an honor and a significant responsibility. I recognize the importance of and beauty of flowers and their essential purpose in visually enhancing not only your event but also your personality and style.  My passion lies in the significance of a Bride’s bouquet, the visual impact of a centerpiece and the beautiful memories that each guest leaves with. I work closely with each client to create unique, budget friendly, designs that bring your dreams to life. Contact Quintessential today for a free consultation and quote.