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About Us

R3 Brothers is comprised of six talented musicians. Musically they have been playing together since 2005.

Started by the three Riccobono Brothers....

Giuseppe, Cosimo and Armando. Each born with a passion for music and brought up in a musically talented family.

The Riccobono Brothers have performed at many concerts nationwide. Giuseppe and Armando Riccobono have collaborated with artists such as: Enrique Inglesias, Gloria Gaynor, Le Chic, Fran Jolie, The Tramps, Judy Torres, TKA, Cat Deluna and Rob Base to name a few.

Cosimo Riccobono is highly experienced and has Played Prestigious weddings for over 10 years.

Song List:

  • Standard Ballads
  • Classic Rock - today's
  • Duets
  • Italian 60's,70's,80's-today's.
  • Latin
  • Motown
  • 50's/ 60's - Big Band
  • 70's - Disco
  • 80's freestyle 
  • Today's Hottest Dance Music (House,hip hop, Club, R&B and Top 40)

The Riccobono brothers have a passion to perform at weddings and find joy in making every event one of a kind, momentous and a true celebration for every couple.....