R3 Brothers Band

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Serving Greater New York
New York, NY
United States

+1 347 385-8918

R3 Brothers is comprised of six talented musicians. Musically they have been playing together since 2005.

Started by the three Riccobono Brothers....

Giuseppe, Cosimo and Armando. Each born with a passion for music and brought up in a musically talented family.

The Riccobono Brothers have performed at many concerts nationwide. Giuseppe and Armando Riccobono have collaborated with artists such as: Enrique Inglesias, Gloria Gaynor, Le Chic, Fran Jolie, The Tramps, Judy Torres, TKA, Cat Deluna and Rob Base to name a few.

Cosimo Riccobono is highly experienced and has Played Prestigious weddings for over 10 years.

Song List:

  • Standard Ballads
  • Classic Rock - today's
  • Duets
  • Italian 60's,70's,80's-today's.
  • Latin
  • Motown
  • 50's/ 60's - Big Band
  • 70's - Disco
  • 80's freestyle¬†
  • Today's Hottest Dance Music (House,hip hop,¬†Club, R&B and Top 40)

The Riccobono brothers have a passion to perform at weddings and find joy in making every event one of a kind, momentous and a true celebration for every couple.....

Make your wedding one to remember with the #1 high energy show band in the tri-state area R3 Brothers Live Music Entertainment. Check us out on our YOUTUBE Channel ( R3 BROTHERS BAND )