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I treasure the opportunity to support couples as they plan for their wedding and marriage.

I will work with you to create a unique ceremony that reflects who you are individually and as a couple.  I welcome Jewish, interfaith, and same gender (LGBT) couples.

As we plan your wedding, we will explore the Jewish rituals that will help bring your vision and values alive under the chuppah on your wedding day.

We will also take time to dream about the marriage that lies ahead:


  • What do you love most about each other and about your relationship?
  • How do you support and enjoy each other when life gets busy?
  • How do you communicate with respect and love when conflicts arise?
  • In thinking about the details of your married life, where do you agree? How do you resolve differences?
  • Are there customs, rituals, and habits that can help you to remember each day how much you love and appreciate each other?

I look forward to meeting with you for a free initial consultation to discuss officiation and ceremony planning for your Jewish or interfaith wedding.