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About Us

Rabbi Rothstein is noted for his dynamic eloquence and wit. An expert on building communications skills, he lectures widely on marriage, parenting and conflict management. He was selected by Dr. John Gray, the well-known author of "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" to conduct workshops and deliver lectures on how to create a lasting, fulfilling and romantic relationship.

Rabbi Rothstein is personable, warm, kind and eloquent. His wedding ceremonies in particular are very beautiful. Every bride and groom deserve the best and his name is Dr. Solomon Rothstein.

Rabbi Rothstein is well known and greatly admired by Hollywood California celebrities and officiates often at their life cycle events. Having recently become a resident of Boynton Beach Florida, he also will minister to the needs of residents of the East Coast.

Jewish Wedding Ceremonies That Are:

  • Sensitive to religious differences
  • Unique and creative and reflect a couple's loving dedication to one another
  • Personalized and conducted when appropriate in Russian or Spanish by an eloquent and caring American Rabbi
  • Beautiful and poetic in content and breathtaking in presentation
  • Mindful of the special needs of couples
  • Conducted in the State of Florida and on the entire Eastern Seaboard
  • Supplemented by private premarital sessions on Making Marriage Work

Rabbi Rothstein,
There is nothing I could possible write which would sufficiently express our thanks to you for an absolutely incredible, perfect wedding ceremony.

Our band was amazing and people danced all night, the food was delicious and people wanted seconds, the weather could not have been better, the flowers were gorgeous, people adored Grove Isle and people gushed over my dress, our photos and the video are better than we hoped for ... BUT...the compliment that we have received the most, the one which we are still getting, is about our ceremony. How amazing, how special and unique and how unbelievably touching it was. Many people have said that by far, it was the best ceremony they'd ever experienced. That, we owe to you. MEN cried! People have told us they want to convert to Judaism and want you to be their rabbi! People were sure you'd known us for years. I mean it honestly when I say I could not site here and share all of the wonderful things people said about the ceremony and about you -- it would take too long!

Mark and I are married and could not be happier, but the fact that we had the most perfect, special, touching, memorable ceremony is something we (and all of our guests) will never forget. You were amazing and we could not have asked for anything more, would not have changed one thing about our ceremony. Again, we owe that to you and could never thank you enough, could never express the gratitude we feel inside, appropriately enough in words. So "thank you very much" doesn't even come close to what we feel but THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH, RABBI ROTHSTEIN. With much love and gratitude, Courtney and Mark

Dear Rabbi Rothstein,
Adam and I can not thank you enough for making our marriage ceremony intimate, wonderful and unforgettable - most importantly for us, and also for our guests. Most of our guests had never experienced a ceremony that was so personal and touching, including having the Rabbi read vows that the bride wrote to the groom and that the groom wrote to the bride, or by having the bride and groom wrapped in the grooms talis by their mother's. We also loved your humorous interjections as did our guests. The ceremony was complete and included so much of life as did the ketubot singing and "bedecking the bride".....

Again, we thank you from our hearts for making the ceremony that heralds the beginning our of life together so unforgettable. Donna

Dear Rabbi Sol,
Just a note to express our deep gratitude for all you did to make our wedding ceremony so beautiful, warm and memorable-and personal. We heard so many raves about this being "the most beautiful ceremony I ever saw!" from our Jewish and non-Jewish guests. And we are so appreciative that you worked with us on the ceremony and that you would add your own incomparable poetry, humor and wisdom to our day. It was truly all we hoped for and so much more...

It meant so much to all of us for you to be a part of our special day. Love, Jill and Ken