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About Us

Let me just start by saying I love what I do. And like you, I get so tired of seeing the same old generic design. I got married not too long ago and after looking at web site after web site, I couldn't find the perfect invitation that met up with my high standards or would match the style of our wedding. So, I decided to make them myself. That way I could get exactly what I wanted. I really enjoyed creating something that I knew was unique, classy, and "me." It was definitely worth all the hard work and time.

An invitation to your wedding is the guests' first impression of what to expect when they arrive. Make them excited about joining you on your big day.

I am a perfectionist, thanks to Art Center College of Design. It was there that my eye was trained to know what a good design is when I see it and developed the skill to create it. When I design personal invitations, I always make them reflect the people and the event itself. Your invitation should give your guests a taste of what to expect visually when they arrive at your event.

I make each one by hand and send off all the print work to extremely reliable and talented printers. It doesn't matter if you want 5 or 5,000, I can make it happen for you. Hosting an event can be very stressful and I always try my best to take the load off by offering you numerous options, and tailoring each piece to fit you and your needs.

I use a variety of materials other than just paper; tying together texture, typefaces, depth, color and good composition to make each design significant and stand on it's own. Whatever the occasion may be, the sky is the limit in terms of making your announcements or invitations as unique and memorable as the event itself.

First impressions are everything.