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About Us

At our company's birth it was given the name Ramsey Still Imaging, but it has come to be so much more, providing wedding videography services and more.
Our philosophy is that people should be able to enjoy their wedding day, with full control over all their wedding proofs and with full and FREE reproduction rights. Our approach to wedding photography is similar to that of Wikipedia's approach to the encyclopedia. The way we license our photos is similar to that of the CC-by-nc license (a license commonly used by Wikipedia), which permits others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work and make derivative works based upon it, only for non-commercial purposes.

Basically, we have simple yet versatile packages. Each of which includes your proofs on CDs. To accompany your pictures on CDs, a DVD with Pinnacle Studio project files and raw video footage accompanies your video, if you choose video coverage. A viable option is the Build Your Own Package in combination with custom in-house printing, personal printing or some other third party.

Ramsey Still Imaging attempts to be an avant-garde.

  1. We use revolutionary 12 to 22 megapixel cameras and only Nikon, Leica, Mamiya (medium format) & Carl Zeiss T lenses.
  2. We were some of the first in the Twin Cites to employ photography and videography in the same company.
  3. In 2007 we upgraded to a printer utilizing industry-leading  UltraChrome K3 Ink technology (read more). 
  4. Traditionally we have worked longer days than other photographers around.  The reason for this is that we employ a holistic approach to a wedding. 
  5. Do not quote us, but as far as we are aware,  we are the only Minnesotan wedding photographer outfit that utilizes a professional digital infrared camera.
    And some day we will be moving in the direction of HD-DVD and BluRay technology once the demand increases.

In sum...

  1. Photography and videography services available.
  2. Cutting-edge printer, cameras and philosophy. 
  3. Versatile and simple packages (CDs with reproduction rights).