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About Us

There is really so much more to us than these few paragraphs...but you'll get the idea.

RB Photography loves their clients. Period. After every wedding our couples become our friends. So we hope you will become our friend too!

Hi! My name is Robin and my assistant Penni gives you a shout out too! Hopefully my images and website will pull at your heartstrings and grab your emotional side. We love what we do...there isn't anything we would rather be doing than capturing love...sorry there isn't a better job in the world. It defines us and keeps us motivated to shoot the next wedding.

We love our dogs, our families and our friends... (in that order too) ...and because we know how to love we know how to capture it...so what we do at your wedding is tap into your kind of love.

We will go pretty much anywhere to shoot our camera's so please feel free to email us. Tell us who you are and what you are about and I bet we will capture YOU on your wedding day as well. We aren't cookie cutter photographers...every wedding we shoot has a different language...why?...because everyone loves differently.

Come on...you know you want to....