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About Us

Life, love and all the little things…

This day is about you. It's what you have thought about for all those hours of all these past months.

It is about the look you get from your groom the moment he sees you dressed to the nines and you see him looking smashing in that suit!

It is about having a good time while capturing lasting images for you and your family to cherish for generations to come.

It is about the love that you feel for each other shared with all the people you love in the world.

This day is about the beginning of an amazing life that you are starting together.

With eye-catching imagery, Seattle based wedding photographer, Rebecca Ellison, presents the details and the love you've invested into your wedding, your life and each other. She specializes in finding the life, love and all the little things that make you special.

We book a maximum of 26 weddings a year, so call today to ensure the availability of your date. Check out our website for more info and call today to schedule a consultation about your wedding!