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About Us

When an occasion is really special, you call it a red letter day

It's an infusion of ideas distilled to an essential theme. A heart full of feelings shared with those you love. A moment in time when shoes are slipped off, ties are loosened, and everyone dances as though no one else were watching.

At Red Letter Days Events, LLC, these are the occasions we help you create. We're a professional team who specializes in being attuned to your lifestyle, attentive to the slightest detail, and always a step ahead. We've learned that the key to a wonderful wedding is making sure that the months, weeks, and days leading up to it are stress free and equally wonderful. We believe wedding planning shouldn't preclude the events of your daily life. So first and foremost, we listen to your thoughts about your wedding. Then we translate them into a vision into a day that is just as you always imagined, yet beyond what anyone would have expected.

So go on, enjoy yourself.

It's your red letter day and it's going to be simply perfect.

Photography by Jay Reilly