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Every photographer's style is different on how they run the day of the wedding. Here are some recommendations on how we have photographed weddings which seems to work well.

Preparation coverage 
Gents getting ready: 
30 minutes for the gents...psssst... but we also know that they aren’t the most willing to get pics done. The 30 minutes for the boys are generally relaxed, pretending to get ready shots, hanging with their mates and most usually get back into their boardies/shirts till they are ready to really get ready. Sometimes the gents simply don’t want those shots and that’s fine too..We will just spend +- 1 to 2 hours with the girls instead. 

Ladies getting ready: 
When we arrive at the ladies, we snap the dress, shoes, flowers, group photos, with mum and dad, various candid and generally of what’s happening. We also try to get some lovely photos of the bride without rushing. Sometimes the location of the bride is a lovely looking hotel so why not use the hotel of some beautiful shots. We leave 20min before the bride and bridesmaids leave to ensure we are at the ceremony location ready for photos and also to find parking. 

Ceremony coverage: 
We cover the ceremony in a discreet fashion. All areas get covered from the walk down the aisle to the look on the grooms face when he sees her for the 1st time in the beautiful dress, the service itself, the rings and the magical first kiss (oelala!) and then the moment you both sign the certificate and look into each others eyes for the 1st time as husband and wife. Simply magical. We do carry some tissues just in case... Having two photographers allows for us to assign one to be focused on the bride and one on the groom to capture these never to be seen again moments. 

Family photos: 
We normally allow for around 15min for all to congratulate the couple and then we move to family photos. Most couples are happy to just move to do immediate family photos only and then get some snaps with the cousins, 2nd cousins, aunties, uncles etc at the reception. 

Defined photo location shoot :
We then move onto the special photo location shoot for an hour or so. This is very laid back. Most of the nerves are now gone. Usually fun, filled with lots of laughter, lots of breaks to have a sip of champagne / water, reapply the lipstick and having a cuddle. 

Reception shoot :
After the location shoot we will leave to the reception. The bridal party usually has a room to freshen up in before they are being announced into the reception. Before the announcement we try to get around 10min of snaps in the room before the guests are allowed in to get some room shots. This also included the cake as well as the reception decorations. 

Once you are announced we will move around to each table and either get a group shot (provided all are at the table) or couple / friend shots. We do try our best to cover all the guests but this can be difficult if they change seats or go out for a drink break. We will then simply move around and take candid shot of what’s happening. It’s funny what we sometimes capture... those sneaky whispers and giggles afterwards. 

We then capture the speeches, the laughter and the tears. Normally then we proceed with the snaps of the cake cutting and finally the 1st dance. 

This then concludes our night. Most of the weddings get a sneak peak a day or so after the event (depending if we have another wedding on the next day or not)

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