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About Us

Greetings and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
We invite you to visit our online portrait galleries and view our work. We are a local family operated photography company that has been capturing the magic and emotion of Puget Sound weddings for over a decade. Before you visit I would like to take a moment and explain what sets us apart from other wedding photographers.

Our Style

Our style is more than photojournalistic. We are experienced storytellers, but we are also talented artists. From the final touches in the dressing room until you make your departure as husband and wife - we are there to document it all. We capture everything from a variety of perspectives. We allow you to look back and remember your favorite parts of the day, but we also give you insight into all the things that took place when you weren’t looking: The tears of happiness in your mother’s eyes as your father gave you away; the smile on your niece’s face as she decorated the aisle with beautiful flower petals; the toddler who spent the afternoon learning how to blow bubbles; the process of decorating your car with good wishes. We seek to thoroughly capture every detail of your joyous occasion. This includes a formal portrait session of the to capture the traditional posed portraits and then the rest of the day we specialize in candid photography and capturing all of the events of your day live as they happen.

Our extensive collection of cameras and specialty lenses give us the ability to create a wide variety of images of your wedding day. We can capture everything from the entire church during your ceremony to a single party favor at your reception with astonishing results. We also have a wide selection of filters. This equipment enables us to easily capture a large group in a small room, photograph a close up of a laughing child a hundred feet away, or block out distractions occuring in the background. Not only do they add to the variety of the pictures you will see, they also provide special photo enhancing effects. People love the way we can turn a 100 foot tall tree next to the bride and groom into one that bends over behind them and reaches the ground like a Weeping Willow without any distortion to the people in the picture.

We really enjoy our work and it shows both on wedding day and in the pictures you receive. We are professional, but we are also fun. Our calm disposition allows us to work flawlessly under the high pressures of a wedding while helping you keep your stress levels low so you can thoroughly enjoy your day. There is a lot of energy and emotion in the air and we do our best to keep things running smoothly.

At this point, the best thing for you to do is visit our website and view literally hundreds of samples of our work. We've put a wide variety of photographs there so that you can really get a feel for our style. If you like what you see I encourage you to call or email so we can discuss the details of you wedding further.

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