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About Us

Worried about stepping on each other's feet for that first wedding dance? Let us show you how fun and easy it is - even if you've never danced before!

At the Renaissance Ballroom we've taught couples to dance for their wedding for over 20 years.

Our Wedding Packages help you learn basic ballroom dancing and steps especially suited for your first wedding dance - and there's no additional charge for couples.

Make your first dance a special memory! We can help you look great dancing at your wedding. We're happy to help with any questions you may have. Also see our wedding dance FAQs and wedding song list on our website.

Wedding Dance Lesson Specials

GOLD~ 4 Private & 4 Group Lessons
Only $289 per couple

SILVER~ 4 Private Lessons only
Only $240 per couple

BRONZE~ 3 Private Lessons only
Only $190 per couple

Father & Daughter Special~
Only $60 for a 60-minute lesson

Private lessons are also available for only $70 each lesson, per couple. Private lessons are one hour long each, and are offered by appointment: Monday-Thursday, 5-9 pm & Sunday, 11 am-2 pm.

Group lessons are 90 minutes each and taken with the Beginner's Ballroom Class Series on Tuesdays, 8-9:30 pm.

*(GOLD packages: We suggest taking the private lessons after you've taken our group lessons.)

For more info or to reserve your lesson, please call us today at or contact us through email.