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About Us

Freeze-Dry Bouquet Process:

Renaissance Rose is a company built on the love and passion of Joy Roberts and her husband, Greg. They began their business on 1997, and since then, have preserved wedding floral bouquets for hundreds of brides within the Portland, Oregon / Vancouver, Washington area.

At Renaissance Rose, each bouquet is handled in a unique way, blending the best of artistry and science. The result is a beautifully preserved wedding or floral bouquet.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing flowers for your bouquet:

  • All flowers will change color. Know that these are real dried flowers and nature plays a part in this process. Over time, your flowers will take on a softer antique look. We call it the Renaissance look.
  • Most flowers freeze dry well, some flowers like spider mums and bouvardia may not freeze dry successfully. If in doubt, please call to to review your floral selection.

Bridal Gown Preservation:

Who will be the next to wear your gown? Your daughter, granddaughter, your cousin, your daughter-in-law or even your grand daughter-in-law? Many dry cleaners and retailers offer ways to "preserve" gowns but not all are archivally appropriate. Clean and reserve your special gown for her the RIGHT WAY with a TRUE PRESERVATION!

True preservation of your gown with Deluxe includes:

  • Professional cleaning when needed to remove visible stains and also invisible potential stains.
  • Thorough cleaning of your gown with a unique anti-sugar stain treatment featured in MODERN BRIDE.
  • Lasting protection, your gown is placed in an acid-free box with acid-free tissue and an acetate window for viewing your treasured memories.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT clean your gown BEFORE you bring it in to be preserved! Cleaning is done before the preservation with both of these services.