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About Us

I have been working with couples to write, create wedding ceremonies for over twenty years. My goal is to make this exactly the event they want it to be.
Religious, Secular, Inter-Faith or any combination, let's work together to create your perfect ceremony.

We start off with a question and answer session to get a feel for what is desired. Followed up with several samples being sent to couple as starting points.
Mixing and matching, cutting and pasting to get a rough draft then, polishing it to a bright and beautiful shine.

I am willing (and have) to traveled all over the United States for weddings ad attend rehearsals when needed.
Unique, special locations, themes are all open! Still waiting to do a roller-coaster or sky-diving wedding!

I have a small PA system, battery powered that is great for out-door locations that have no power.
(microphones on stand) I bring this at no additional change when it is required.