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About Us

The table is set. You've invested your heart and soul into this event, and as the time approaches you begin to reflect on the decisions leading up to this point. Today the decor and food choice seems to pale in significance to the officiant who will spearhead the event.

My name is Dana and I want to make your event a success. I offer 15 years of non-denominational ministry and professional event planning experience. My public speaking experience spans 14 years, 16 states and two foreign countries. I also sharpen my public speaking skills weekly as well as a member of Toastmasters.

Many couples wrestle with the question of who should officiate their wedding, especially if they don't have a church or a Pastor who knows their names. I also know people who therefore entrusted the responsibility to an officiant who showed up intoxicated.

As an ordained minister, I don't perform marriages in religions other than Christianity. Yet I feel that spiritualizing a wedding for a not-so-spiritual couple is a disservice to them. Everything about a wedding is personifies the couple, so I match the ceremony with the couple's spirituality and represent them by my words.

Unless you are perfect I highly recommend at least one premarital counseling session. My Masters is in Theology and Counseling, so I am able to prepare you for 'becoming one' without 'falling apart'!

The most hectic part of my own wedding (literally) was navigating the wedding license procedures. I will help guide you through this, and will assume the responsibility of verifying and submitting your license after the wedding -- that's no time to concern yourself with paperwork!

When you call to set up your free consultation I will secure your time and date pending the receipt of a non-refundable $200 deposit. After your consultation and also upon receiving the deposit I will send you a ceremony template in a Word document by e-mail. You can make changes, and then return it via e-mail.

Please don't hesitate to call, so you can get a better sense of what I'm like. I look forward to meeting you.