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About Us

Your ceremony is about you and your partner and celebrates who you are.  
The reception is the party and that is for everyone.

You may choose either spiritual and romantic.  
Spiritual allows you to incorporate your religious beliefs or have a light handed presence of God.  
Romantic allows you to have the exact ceremony as the Spiritual without the religious overtones.

Our customized ceremony includes the rehearsal.  You get a workbook with reading choices,
vow choices, extras like blending of the sands, ring warming, unity candle and religious and
cultural traditions.  Mix and match to create your own ceremony.   We provide questionnaires
that allow us to customize your ceremony with your story, including how you and your partner,
met, your first date, qualities you love about each other and cute endearing habits to add a little
slight humor.  

We want your guests to think "Gosh, that was great" not "Geesh, how long is this going to last"

We can also help with program designing as well


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