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About Us

I am dedicated to making your special day the start of wonderful life together. Regardless of your life choices, if you and your betrothed are two living humans that vow to love and be faithful to each other with all of your hearts, I will officiate for you.

It is not my place to judge you or your life choices, that is between you and your God. I am a celebrant of love and relationships that foster love. I am a nondenominational minister that is ordained and in good standing with the Universal Life Church.

This is all I do for a living... call it my calling. I have performed wedding services for over 200 couples from across the United States and North America. Some of the couples I have married wanted simple services with little fan fair and other have worked with me to create the most unique weddings imagined. It is all up to the couples that I work with. I believe that you and your life partner should have the service that best represents you.

My fees: First off, for all weddings I charge an earnest fee of $150.00. To reserve the time for your wedding date and one rehearsal on my calendar.

If you just want a civil wedding service then all you will pay is the earnest fee. What you get is one face to face meeting with me that will last about and hour and half. At your request I will be at your rehearsal and then show up at the wedding location and perform your service.

If you want to plan a custom service that is created from your hearts, one that is a reflection of your relationship then the fee is $500. What you get when you plan a custom service is a lot of time with me, at minimum we will meet 4 times before your rehearsal and wedding date. You will explore your relationship and use the love that you share to develop with me a service that represents your marriage. I will help you work threw issues that you may have with regards to your wedding and the commitment that you are about to enter into. The extras with this are priceless it is a wonderful bonding experience for the couple involved and a wedding service that is something special that you will remember for all of your life.

I am willing to travel to officiate for you, I do not charge a travel fee within my local service area. If you are outside of my local service area I may charge a travel fee that is based on travel time, current fee is $25.00 per hour traveled to and from the venue. I am available to officiate destination weddings. For further information on the travel fee for this service, please ask.