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About Us

Love and Marriage

"Two lives shared with love can hold more fulfillment and happiness than either life alone."

"Marriage is not just a ceremony, marriage is an ongoing commitment."

"Marriage is not just a legal document. A marriage is promises made and kept by two individuals."

Your wedding is the beginning of your journey into married life. I strive to create a ceremony based on your needs and desires. I care about you and want you to be comfortable and happy with this powerful and deeply personal event.

I offer:

  • A traditional or personalized ceremony
  • Acknowledgement of children and blessing of the family
  • Renewal of vows
  • Rehearsal if needed
  • A written copy of the ceremony as a keepsake
  • Timely filing of legal documents
  • And more

While a wedding ceremony may not last long in real time, 15 to 45 minutes, it sets the tone for the beginning of your life together. Your ceremony is one of the most important parts of your wedding day.

Your wedding officiant should know what to do, be flexible, and be easy to work with. When looking for the right person to perform your ceremony ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the officiant reflect the spirit I want at my wedding?
  • Do I feel comfortable with him or her?
  • Do I connect with and trust the officiant?

Things To Do:

Obtain a wedding license. They are available through each County's courthouse. They are not valid for the first 3 days after purchasing them. They expire after 60 days.

Book your officiant early, especially during the peak wedding season.