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Congratulations on your engagement!

Selecting the right officiant for your wedding will set the tone for your special day.   Reverend Jeff Olson is honored to have supported more than 150 couples through this exciting and memorable time in their lives.  From the beach at Mendocino to the historic Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove, CA, Jeff has extensive experience with casual or formal settings.

Jeff will meet with you in advance to discuss various options for your ceremony, including scripts and other special elements, such as using candles, sand or wine. He takes great care in working with you to cover all of the details.  He will send you a script in advance for your review and approval.  At the rehearsal, he will guide you and your wedding party through each step of the ceremony, taking the time to be sure everyone understands their role and feels prepared.  He will support you through all aspects of the ceremony so you can focus on each other during this special and exciting time.

Jeff is grateful for the positive feedback he has received from many people.  Here are just a few testimonies from other appreciative couples:

  •  “Thank you for your patience, guidance, and professionalism during our wedding. The ceremony was lovely, and the script you provided was perfect!”  - Jen & Nick H.
  •  “From the moment we met you, we knew that you would help to make the day special.”  - Greg & Lisa P.
  •  “Thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony.  We loved every moment of the day, and we’re happy you were a part of it!”  - Melissa & Nathan

Contact Jeff today - he'd love to officiate your wedding!


Reverend Jeff Olson, a non-denominational minister, takes the time to work with the bride and groom to ensure their wedding is a unique and beautiful reflection of who they are. Jeff has performed more than 150 weddings and enjoys working with each couple to ensure they will enjoy their special day!