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RGE Productions specializes in cutting edge Live Event Video Streaming services in the Upper Keys from Ocean Reef to Marathon including Key Largo, Tavernier & Islamorada.  We will come to your event location, set up our professional video/audio equipment and make your wedding event accessible live online to your loved ones, friends, relatives, etc. so those who cannot physically attend the wedding can watch live on the Internet from anywhere in the world.  We will provide your viewers with a broadcast quality viewing experience so they can be there with you and not miss out.  We will provide you with a link which you can simply email to your viewers so at the designated time all they have to do is click and, through the magic of modern technology, they're right there in the action and won't miss a thing!
Make sure to inquire about a Custom Designed Web Page with the viewer embedded right on your very own page with your own domain name.  This is a really fantastic option and the latest trend for Weddings as it makes it much more personal.  Of course all footage is recorded so it can be uploaded for later viewing to YouTube, Facebook, etc. and we do offer video post production service and can provide you with a professionally edited DVD & digital file for uploading of your event as well!
We can also provide:
  • Custom Web Page w/ viewer -  Designed specifically for you and your wedding.
  • Professional DVD of Event - Professionally Edited and produced
  • Custom package pricing

Call or email us to discuss your event details today!   305-735-1130

Other Ideas:
We can put together a personal slide show of photos provided by you prior to the wedding to loop on your page as an intro prior to the live event
We can add background music before during and after and much more... tons of options


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RGE Productions is the exclusive provider of cutting edge Live Event Video Streaming services for your wedding or event in the Florida Keys from Key Largo to Key West. Stream your wedding live online!