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Ceremony & Reception
Your wedding should be an expression of your personality, a celebration of love, union, commitment and happiness. Your dress, flowers, food, cake and location are all necessary to set the stage of your wedding. Photographers and Videographer capture you, your guests and the precious memories. Your music however is 80% of your event. It's the one thing that will be consistently noticed by your guests for whole event. It's often overlooked in the budget & not given the priority it deserves. At most events it's the most powerful ingredient to make your event enjoyable & stand out in the memories of your family, friends and guests. Music creates the mood and atmosphere. It’s the most valuable tool in expressing, sharing and celebrating your event. Music touches emotions and gets everyone ready to celebrate. Think of it! Who can forget the 2-4 hours of the fun they had celebrating with their friends on a dance floor.

The most requested source of music for Weddings is the hiring of a DJ. Finding an experienced DJ that provides both MC and Coordination is no easy task.