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About Us

The number one aspect of our business is creating beauty for your once in a lifetime wedding. We work with the bride and her family to create your special look - these can range from contemporary designs, whimsical garden settings, or transforming your ballroom into a fantasyland or destination. We specialize in attention to every detail; creating perfect wedding bouquets, flowers for the ceremony and reception, arrangements for the grooms dinner, or brunch the next day. Our staff will set up and transfer flowers from one location to another to help you enjoy your flowers for the entire celebration.

Your bridal bouquet should be a reflection of your style. We can include some of your favorite flowers and accent the design of your bridal gown. We will help you choose the right combination of flowers to create your special look. We assist you in choosing complementary flowers for your bridesmaids and the entire wedding party.

Your walk down the aisle can be decorated with organza bows on the pews, complete with candlelight and flowers if you choose. Your ceremony can be elaborate with plants, columns or urns available to rent, complete with lush floral arrangements, arches of greenery and flowers, or candelabras. Arches and gazebos are also available for the ceremony aisle. Your ceremony can be simple, with just a few elegant flowers placed in special areas or in memory of family members.

Your guests will enter the ballroom, tent, home, country club or other event venue with a feeling of celebration for your new life together! We help you create fabulous entry arrangements, custom table centerpieces from basic to grand. We have the availability to purchase flowers from around the world to create whatever type of atmosphere you desire. A romantic room full of candlelight and the scent of fresh flowers fills the air. A room with ceiling draping and twinkle lights adds to the sparkle of the evening. We have a large variety of rental items including vases, bowls, risers, candleholders, trays, pots, and compotes to assist you in making your wedding a dream come true. These are available in glass, plaster, silver, pewter, terra cotta, and acrylic.

Our talented design staff can assist in decorating your cake with flowers to complement the style of cake you have chosen. We work with your bakery to decorate the cake, or our staff will handle the on site décor as needed. We can create a formal cake top complete with flowers that will fill the layer in-between the cake and on the table, or just add a few flowers to the cake you have chosen. The choice is up to you. We will help make your cake as spectacular, elegant, and tailored as you desire.

Chuppahs and Arches
We will add that special ambiance to the ceremony with fragrant floral arches of flowers and/or greens down the aisle, at the entry, or at the exit of your ceremony. We also have wrought iron arches or wooden gazebo type frames.

We have experience in creating a custom Mandap for your special wedding look. We are excited about helping you create a variety of designs with flowers and either our fabric, or utilizing your special fabrics from your family. We take great pride in completing the traditional Mandap, to your specifications. We can assist you with the set up, transfer from one area to another, and also handle removing your fabric if desired.