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About Us

Here at Ricker Studios we are passionate about video, photography, graphic design and web design. There are many things that we consider when creating your final product. Capturing crisp quality photos and video is by far the most important aspect, however here at Ricker Studios this is only the first step in a very detailed, artistic process.

Video-editing-compositions and special effects.
Ricker Studios utilizes the latest professional video technology and techniques. Ricker Studios uses these digital tools to handcraft multimedia art. We pay special attention to detail in all of our projects big or small. Whether we are providing services to big corporate clients or crafting custom DVD for a couple who just got married, Ricker Studios always puts 110% into all aspects of our video projects.

We offer video on almost all media formats. DVD, CD ROM, and VHS are the most popular, upon request other media options are available.

3D animation and Motion graphic composition
Ricker Studios is also available to create custom 3D animation and motion graphics. From beginning to end, we can help our clients story board, plan, design and implement our clients visions and dreams into a reality through a state of the art video medium.

Ricker Studios advantage
By including professional photographers and graphic designers to our team Ricker studios has a strong advantage over our competition by integrating our professional photos and graphic design elements with our video services we are able to offer rich media content to our customers at a fraction of the cost.