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About Us

Since the invention of the camera special events have been captured to remember the occasion. In the beginning of photography having your picture taken was quite an ordeal. This often required you to be posed in one uncomfortable position for an extended amount of time (no wonder they were never smiling).

As photography advanced it was possible to capture life in motion. Candid photos were possible, but photographers still preferred to pose most of their shots, often neglecting candid photo’s all together.

Not that long ago a couple was happy to have a hand full of posed pictures of their wedding. Today, many brides expect more, and they should. Too many photographers believe that candid photography (often the called the photo-journalistic style) is a waste of time. They have determined from previous weddings which photos will sell. After they have taken these photos they feel that they can relax. This way they won’t “waste” film or work too hard.

What they do not care to recognize is that moments worth capturing are happening throughout the entire day, and that they are missing them. On the other hand, other photographers fail to recognize that some posed shots are desired by the bride and groom.

I do not take that approach. Every wedding I shoot has you in mind. While I use the experience that I have gained from past weddings, I do not try and re-create the same poses over and over again. Your wedding will be in a different place, your guests will be different, and your ceremony will be different.

Shouldn’t your photography be unique to you also?

From posed formals to capturing those special fleeting moments, you can be assured that you will have the best mix of the two styles, and that you will have plenty of pictures to choose from. I look forward to sharing your event with you and creating pictures that both you and I can be proud of.
- Photographer, Barak Ricker