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About Us

RileyFrederick Event Productions (TM) offers unparalleled vendor contacts as well as a wide array of services and planning tools that, when used together, turn a vision into a beautifully orchestrated reality. Using the latest technological advances, we are able to manage your Event in a manner offered by few. When using our guest list maintenance program, we have the ability to track not only your Master Guest List and RSVP's, but also to track and provide printed reports on individual guest lodging and travel, special requests and limitations, and any additional events any individual guest has received invitations to (showers, rehearsal, etc.) Tracking extends as far as what roles a guest may have in the event, table assignment, meal selections, and more.

Since finances are of concern for any celebration, we have provisions for effective and effcient money management to aid in keeping expenditures under control. Our finanical management program offers the ability to provide budget worksheets and summaries, printed estimates, payment schedules, invoicing, vendor quote comparison and printed graphic charts. All of these features enable our clients to make effective decisions while planning their events. With the ability to print reports at the mere touch of a button, you will never be in the dark with regards to where your money has been spent.

As a client of RileyFrederick Event Productions (TM), you will be provided with a customized level of professional planning, coordination, and design services tailored to your individual needs and budgeting requirements. Entrusting your special moments in life to our seasoned coordinators will allow you to enjoy the planning of your Event knowing that you will provided with the most effective services and superior service providers the industry has to offer. Whether you prefer an intimate affair with those closest to you or a celebratory gala, RileyFrederick Event Productions (TM) will see to it that your Event is more than an evening but an unforgettable memory for all.

If this level of exceptional service, professional assistance, dedication, and abilty for you to host a memorable affair without added stress to your life appeals to you, contact RileyFrederick Event Productions (TM) to arrange your complimentary intitial consultation (up to two hours). We look forward to working with you and would be truly honored to be such and important part of your special occassion!!!!