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About Us

Rising Sun Catering specializes in what we like to call "Northern California Cuisine," which is taking the freshest ingredients available locally and interfering with them as little as possible, just enough to make them sing in your mouth.

We use organic produce and dairy from local family farms, seafood that sustains our Precious Ocean, and meat from naturally raised animals such as pasture-fed beef and free-range chickens

Our dishes may be influenced by cuisine practices from around the world but they are always simple, allowing the fresh ingredients to speak for themselves.

Having been off-premise caterers for several years, we have had the pleasure of working in many different surroundings. We may even be able to recommend a site you have never heard of before.

Whether your event is on a ship, in a ballroom or by a barn we are fully experienced and equipped to cook wherever your party takes us.

If we don't happen to be on the preferred list at your selected venue then we will gladly pay your "catering buyout" fee so that they have the opportunity to get to know us there and you can have the party you desire.

Rising Sun Catering is a family owned and operated company.

Corporations answer to shareholders. We answer to you. We are not distracted nor bound by corporate mandates. We are responsive to your needs and understand that our business will do well when we serve you well. We bring the flexibility and personal attention that comes from talking, planning and having your event run directly by the owners of the company.

We hold deep roots in our community by promoting other local family owned businesses and donating to local charities and food banks. We also practice an important commitment to upholding professional standards by pursuing education through local organizations such as Slow Foods, International Special Events Society, Bay Area Wedding Network and National Association of Catering Executives.

This is our business. You can be assured we take great personal pride in providing you with only the best.

Included in all of Rising Sun Catering's Menus is our signature artistic design and presentation which truly reflects our love for special events. We enjoy working with you or your designer to create a certain style that represents your chosen vision. We feel that food should look as good as it tastes and choose to spend the time and effort to make each of our food displays a work-of-art. Using our eclectic collection of platters, differing heights of risers, props, the romance of candles and the finishing touch of beautiful specialty custom linen we create the personality, texture and dimension that welcomes guests to indulge in the fabulous feast set before them.